Parents Beware: 2 Young Girls Escaped Kidnap Attempt In Quezon City


2 young girls barely escaped a kidnap attempt by a criminal syndicate right in the heart of Quezon City. If not for the quick thinking of the young girl, they would’ve been kidnapped by an old lady who disguised herself as a friend of the girl’s mother. This should serve as a reminder to parents to be protective of their young children.

Dangerous Times

In these days and times, especially with criminal syndicates veering away from drug activities and venturing into other criminal activities, its doubly dangerous for children to be out on the streets by themselves.

There have been stories of children being kidnapped to be sold for white slavery, while the unverified stories of children’s organs being sold to black market are still prevalent in social media.

Foiled Kidnapping

In a post shared by netizen Jessamae Ignacio on her Facebook page, she narrated the terrifying ordeal that her daughter and her cousin went through. They went out to Litex in Commonwealth, Quezon City. They were approached by an old lady pretending to be an acquaintance of the young girl’s mother.

Photo credit: Jessamae T. Ignacio/Facebook

For some reason, they believed the old lady, and they were ordered to walk with her to an overpass near the Super8 supermarket. The lady gripped their hands tightly so that they cannot escape. Fortunately, one of the girls was able to get loose from the lady’s grip and she pulled her cousin away and ran as fast as they could.

Photo credit: Jessamae T. Ignacio/Facebook

Kidnap Syndicate

The girls arrived home traumatized, so the mother decided to report the incident to the barangay. When they tried to check the CCTV cameras on the area, the places that the old lady stayed, like the overpass where they stopped to wait for the kidnap vehicle doesn’t have CCTV cameras, prompting the officials to conclude that the kidnap attempt was planned and the suspects know the places where there are no cameras.

Photo credit: Jessamae T. Ignacio/Facebook
Photo credit: Jessamae T. Ignacio/Facebook

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