A Mother Who Can’t Attend Her Daughter’s Graduation Rites, Seek Help From Raffy Tulfo In Action, Wish Granted


Before summer officially start and see #SummerGoals all over Facebook and Instagram, graduation and recognition posts first filled our newsfeeds. Every parent is proud, no matter what their child achieves. With all the hardships and sacrifices made, it is fulfilling to each parent to see their child graduate.

Dominga Salazar

Dominga Salazar works as a manicurist in Manila. She went to Raffy Tulfo In Action to ask for a little assistance. Dominga’s daughter is about to graduate in Bacolod, but due to her small earns, she won’t be able to join her daughter as she accepts her award on the stage. She is not capable enough to provide for the plane ticket, given that she was with her son whom she needs to attend to.

Roma Salazar

Raffy contacted the school administrator to confirm Dominga’s concern. And to their surprise, Dominga didn’t know that her daughter is a candidate to be awarded as Magna Cum Laude. According to the campus admin, Roma is a bonafide student and a Supreme Student Government (SSG) President. Raffy asked the school admin if they can cover the graduation rite as they have prepared a surprise for Roma.

Raffy promised to grant Dominga’s wish and instead of letting Roma know that her mother will now be able to attend her graduation, they made a little surprise for her.

On the other hand, upon Raffy’s phone interview with Roma, he told the young woman that her mother won’t be able to go home but will send money instead. To spice up the surprise, Raffy’s team made the trip all-expense paid for the family. They gave them money to spend and rent a home where they can stay for a couple of days.

Roma’s graduation

When Roma is called on the stage, Raffy, Dominga and her son appeared from the backstage. The young woman was taken aback, nearly crying. The family is grateful for the blessings bestowed on them by sir Raffy and his team.

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dol Raffy, sinamahan ang isang Ina sa Bacolod para masaksihan ang Recognition Day ng kanyang anak na Magna Cum Laude.

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