Aga Muhlach To Trillanes: “Ano ba gusto mong mangyari? Tumulong Ka Nalang!”


Showbiz is known to be a tricky business. What people see on camera does not necessarily mean that it is also what is happening behind the camera.

Deleted Segment

A perfect example of this is a deleted segment from GGV or Gandang Gabi Vice program of ABS-CBN. GGV is known to be frank and always revealing artists’ secrets and unknown personality.

However, in this segment, Aga Muhlach and Bea Alonzo were the guests and they were there to promote their movie, and the deleted clip from a segment was posted by a netizen and it went viral for its scandalous nature.


When it comes to politics, it is unknown that ABS-CBN does not agree with President Rodrigo Duterte and how he runs the country.

The deleted segment of Aga Muhlach is when he and Bea were asked to throw questions at the photos that will be flashed on the screen. The people on the photos may or may not be directly related to them.

Surprisingly, Senator Antonio Trillanes’ photo appeared and for a moment it looked like they did not know how to react. Vice emphasized that the segment rules says that the photo may or may not be related to the guest.


At first, Aga said, that it is already tiring.

“Nakakapagod na.”

And then Vice and Bea said that he should be asking questions.

Then he asked, “Bakit ba? Ano ba ang gusto mo mangyari?”

And then Bea chipped in, yun nalang tanong ko, “Hindi pa po ba kayo pagod?”

Then Vice Ganda said, “Aircon naman sa senado.”

Stop Collaborate and Listen

And then Aga went on and said his piece. He said that no matter who the president is, there are always people who are against him.

He suggested that why don’t Trillanes just help the president who is actually doing his job, instead of focusing on pulling him down.

Not surprisingly though, the clip was deleted from the show that was shown last Sunday on ABS-CBN. Which made the netizens wonder.

Isang kilalang Artsita na si Mr. Aga Muhlach, nagsalita sa pagtatago ni Trillanes sa Senado at sa pagiging EPAL nito! 😂😂Ka DDS pala si Doc Aga 👊🇵🇭🎙

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