WATCH: Another Bul!lying Incident Including Girls Went Viral


In the verge of the issue of lowering the criminal liabilities of children to 9 or 12 from 15, many articles and videos are surfacing depicting how some children are taking advantage of their “invulnerability” when it comes to the law.

V!olence and criminal acts

Children who are supposed to be the future of the country oftentimes are caught snatching, stealing, and bul!ying. Another video of school-aged children was shared on social media depicting what looked to be high school or late elementary girls in school uniform hurting and assau!ting another girl who was roughly the same age as them.


At first, a girl in uniform started to slap the bul!ied girl who obviously got hurt and is trying hard not to cry. The other girls also tried their shot to hurt the girl who was already crying hard.

What is sad about the video is that a lot of children are also watching, not to mention the one taking the video. But not one of them tried to stop what is happening.

Another bul!y even went as far as pulling the girl’s hair and throwing her to the road. This is the only time that the other girls also tried to stop her. The victim was not able to do anything but cry there. Nobody came to console her or something.


These kinds of videos should be enough to make people especially parents realize that apart from good manners, a good thing to teach your children is empathy and sensitivity. This will make sure that they will not be indifferent when it comes to cases like this.

Because after all, doing nothing is as bad as being an accessory of any crime.

Angry comments filled the comments section saying how these girls can be like this.

Watch the video here:

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