Apollo Quiboloy Claims: “Ako ang may-ari ng kaluluwa niyo, ako ang may-ari ng sanlibutan.”


“Religion” is a sensitive issue where nobody wins as everybody has the right of his own belief. Above all, it is also a source of a never-ending debate among various religious sect. However, a video of Apollo Quiboloy, the pastor of Kingdom of Jesus Christ went viral on his claims of owning the world.

Viral Video of Quiboloy

A Facebook page, Ang Tamang Daan Contradiction Teachings recently posted the said viral video. In the video, he rebuts a certain religious sector of challenging him into a debate. He insisted that he is the new Jesus chosen by the Lord and claiming that he is the way, the truth, and the life.

I defeated Lucifer

Sending out a message to his opposing religious sector, he insists the words, “Tatay nyo si Lucifer.” Added to that, the pastor asserts that he already defeated Lucifer and the latter is afraid of him. He advised to those who oppose his belief that they will not enter the gates of heaven without his forgiveness and redemption.

Quiboloy affirms that he owns everyone’s soul and the whole world saying,

“Ako ang may-ari ng kaluluwa niyo, ako ang may-ari ng sanlibutan.”

He then affirms that the flock shall surrender upon him because he has defeated Lucifer already. Moreover, he reiterates that people should repent and follow his orders as the child of God.

Cases Against Quiboloy

Pastor Quiboloy has been recently apprehended by the FBI for carrying guns and $350,000 inside his private plane in Hawaii. He is also accused with “Child Sex Ring” with one of the former members of his religious sect. There are also rumors of land grabbing against the pastor in order to widen his land in Davao.

Quiboloy is known for having an eight-hectare of land in Davao City, claiming it as the “Garden of Eden” on Earth. The Kingdom of Jesus Christ has 4 million followers in the Philippines and 2 million followers from different parts of the world.

THE QUIBULOY CLAIM !!!! Ako ang pinagkatiwalaan dito, tatay ninyo si Lucifer, tinalo ko dito, …hindi ninyo natalo siya eh!" Tatay ninyo siya eh,, tingnan ninyo hawak hawak niya ang mga leeg ninyo, tapos DEBATE -DEBATE…..tapos sabi mo , tingnan mo assessment mo, TAKOT AKO MAKIPAG DEBATE, hindi nga ako natakot kay Lucifer , sa inyo pa!!!Pero BAKIT HINDI KO KAYO DEDEBATIHIN, …BAKIT KO KAYO DEDEBATIHIN AKO NA NGA KATOTOHANAN, AKO ANG DAAN AT ANG BUHAY, [ amen-of his fanatics ] pag hindi kayo dumaan sa akin, HINDI KAYO PUPUNTA SA LANGIT, [ amen-of the fanatics ] ano dedebatihin ko sa inyo, hah!!! Papaano ninyo ako dedebatihin niyan, i am the way, pag hindi kayo dumaan sa akin, hindi kayo pupunta sa langit , kahit ano pa gawin ninyo pagtampisaw diyan, PAPAANO KO KAYO DEDEBATIHIN NIYAN, EH "AKO ANG MAY ARI NG KALULUWA NINYO, AKO ANG MAY ARI NG SANLIBUTAN , NGAYON!!! [ thd faced ] mag dedebate ako sa inyo mga HUNGHANG KAYO, SINO KAYO,kayo ang sumuko sa akin sapagkat panalo na ako sa tatay ninyo si Lucifer, [ amen -of the fanatics ] na siyang may ari ng kaluluwa ninyo, [ amen -of the fanatic ] kaya pumunta na kayo sa akin, sumuko, sumurrender, at mag sisi na kayo , at iwan ang serpent seed ninyo at SUNDIN ANG LAHAT ng sinasabi KO sa pamamagitan ng mga salita ng aking ama, KUNG HINDI!!! MAY KALALAGYAN KAYO!!! "IGAGATONG KO DIN KAYO SA KALAN NG IMPIERNO.."[ amen- of the fanatics 🙁 ]Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy Erroneous claim..KAYA PALA GALIT KA SA SALITANG DEBATE !!!NOW I KNOW !!!!MAKAPASA KA KAYA SA DRUGTEST ..-the clown-Ika nga sa colloquial tearm ng mga millenniols eh"UWIAN NA MAY NANALO NAH" hahahaBigyan ng jacket

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The video gathered mixed reactions from netizens:

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