LOOK: Arrogant Foreigner Spills Drinks To A Police Officer in MRT Boni


Due to bombing incidents in Mindanao a couple of weeks ago, public places in Manila were put under heightened alert. Tight securities are in place to protect the mass, particularly in public transports.

New Railway Regulation

Rail transits, MRT and LRT has recently imposed a tight security measure where any form of liquid is prohibited upon boarding the train. May it be a perfume, drinks, or just a bottled water, it is not allowed. Those will be confiscated upon entrance. According to the management, liquids are being used for explosive devices, thus the prohibition. This is in lieu of Rizal Day bombing nearly two decades ago.

Viral Photos

A netizen witnessed an incident which went viral in social media. A foreigner who spilt her drinks to a police officer for apparently apprehending her about her brought drinks. The event happened at MRT Boni station.

Photo credit: Richelle Ann Dominguez/Facebook

In Pau Mesias’ post,

“Sinita ka dhil bawal n mga DRINKS or any form of liquid sa MRT. Isa kang dayuhan mam, hindi ka mrunong rumespeto sna mahuli ka at ikulong. Mhnap kita ggwin ko yn sau. Hnd ggnti sau c Sir kasi maximum tolerance pa din, ipinahiya m cia ng sobra.”


A photo of a foreigner was captured and another one which shows the police officer who seems being in control of the situation. However, the foreign woman has caused shame for the officer by disrespecting him and the law. It isn’t just merely tainting the officer’s uniform but the authority as well.

Photo credit: Richelle Ann Dominguez/Facebook

Persona Non Grata

Irate netizens wish that the lady will be soon identified, deported, and be put under persona non grata. For many, such manner should not be tolerated. Netizens bombarded the post with hatred over the woman. She is speculated as Chinese, however no identifications made regarding the case.

Photo credit: Richelle Ann Dominguez/Facebook

They hope to see the imperious lady behind bars.

Source: Paul Mesias/Facebook

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