Atty. Chong Reveals COMELEC’s 3M “Access Fee” For Every Willing Politician For Election Cheating


Attorney Glenn Chong recently reveals 2016 election fraud, from which netizens are not yet over with. It has been circling around the social media but never penetrates the big television networks, hence the media blackout claims.

Following his warning to Facebook for deleting his video defending himself from the Facebook Philippine’s alleged fact checker, Rappler, he has now new surprising revelations against Commission on Elections.

According to Chong, the agency has been allegedly charging 3 million pesos to politicians who would like to cheat for their opponents.

Election Cheating

The COMELEC’s rebut on the issue goes with, how come that there is an election cheating if the ballots tally the result? To this, Glenn Chong explained how the agency and Smartmatic made a well-played game of our country’s election process. Since the December 2013 joint committee of the Senate and the lower house, fake and original ballot boxes emerged in which COMELEC denied the existence.

According to Glenn Chong, the manipulation takes place when an electoral protest and calling for a recount from a candidate. However, before ballots are being manually checked, it will take months and years. In order to hide their scandalous anomaly, the COMELEC said to be changing the original ballots with the fake ones for a manual recount and in turn, tally with the machine validated results. The way the agency proves that there is no cheating that took place.

The photo posted by Chong shows the comparison of original from the fake ballot boxes. The original ballot boxes are wrapped in black boxes with COMELEC logo, barcode, and printed details.

Meanwhile, the fake ballot boxes are wrapped on a hard brown paper and a masking tape with identification numbers of a precinct that are just written on a paper through a black, red, and blue Pentel pen.

Election Results Connivance

The COMELEC has alleged 3M fee for every politician who would like to take its scam service which is called as “access fee.” Apart from that, the payment for fake ballots is offered in separate fee.

Source: Glenn Chong/Facebook