Atty. Trixie Slams Kiko For Asking Where The NFA Rice Is And Why Rice In The Market Is Expensive


Trixie Cruz-Angeles, a known influencer, and a Duterte supporter are known to always speak her mind. This time, she slams Kiko Pangilinan’s stupid tweet about the NFA rice missing.

Trixie slammed Kiko and told him what should have been obvious to him.

The tweet

Kiko Pangilinan tweeted where the rice from NFA is, accompanied with a link to an article on his website asking the same question. He seems to be wondering why the rice in the market now has higher prices.

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Photo Credit: Twitter/Kiko Panglinan

He got an answer from Rene Astudillo who then posted the photo on his page and tagged Trixie.

Trixie’s retort

In her post, Trixie reminded Pangilinan that they did have an investigation in the Senate. She reminded him that the NFA Administrator sent them a letter that according to a policy of the NFA Council, they cannot import rice anymore so the private sectors will be the one to import.

The obvious

Stating the obvious, she said that of course, if the importations are private then it will be profit driven.

Private traders are the only ones supplying the rice in the market. Without the NFA rice as their competition, of course, they will raise their prices.

Anyone thinking with common sense would know that. Why would they charge low when they don’t have NFA rice as a competition anymore. They don’t have to lower their prices at all with the removal or NFA importation.

Finally, an explanation

A netizen gave his explanation in the comments, filled with common sense. We hope Kiko Pangilinan read this and realizes what he just posted.

Miguel Torres: Ang pinaka mura na imported rice na naipasok ng mga private importer ay 1950-1980, capital is about 40 pesos per kilo, kung ibebenta na yan sa mga consumers aabot na yan ng 45-46 pesos per kilo. pag ma exhaust na lahat ng nfa sa market, malamang hindi baba sa ganyan na presyo ang bigas sa merkado, kung pupunta ka sa mga malls makikita mo ang actual na price ng bigas sa pinas, hindi bababa ng 50 pesos ang per kilo sa mall. at kung mapapansin ninyo halos kalahati ng bigas sa merkado imported, with that yan policy nila na iaabolish ang NFA pero pinapasok nila ang imported rice eh parang sila na rin ang pumapatay sa mga farmers, kasali na mga consumers.