Berna Breaks Her Silence, Tears Up Because Of Fear, Not Of Remorse


Last week, the beaten face of a toddler circulated social media and shocked the netizens. What was more shocking is that it was found out that the girl’s stepmom was the one who did that to her.


A week or so of bashing and online tirades threw stones against the stepmom, the dad, the biological mom, the aunt and even the grandmother of the child.

The people were so angry that this twisted situation is happening and the one having a hard time is the little girl.

The biological mom’s story

The biological mother went to Raffy Tulfo in Action to ask for help because the DSWD took her child away from her. She took her mom with her, who threatened to hurt Berna physically when she sees her.

Raffy also explained how the people can’t fully blame the mom for not being there.

When the little girl was just 1 year old, her mom and dad fought and then the guy took the baby away.

The stepmom’s story

The staff of Tulfo were able to get a hold of Berna. When asked what really happened, Berna was insisting that she did not lay a hand on the child.

She told the story of how the child got hit by the bathroom door that resulted in her having black eyes on both eyes. Insisting that she never laid a hand on the child.

After more probing, she accidentally revealed that she did spank the child on time. But then, she maintained that it was only for one time.

The dad’s story

The dad was also interviewed and was an obvious liar. It’s apparent that he knows that Berna is hurting his child, but he’s not doing anything.

Crocodile tears?

Over the course of the interview, Berna was firm in insisting that she is being wrongly accused.

Even when she was pointed to by the child as the one who beat her up, Berna still maintained innocence.

At the end of the video, Berna’s tears flowed. But just when we thought that she is sorry, it turned out that she is crying just because she got scared of getting hurt by the biological mom’s mother.

In short, there is still no remorse from this evil stepmother.

Watch the video here:

Source: YouTube