Caught in a Video: Chinese National Throws Tantrum Inside a Restaurant in Malate


Restaurant staff also deserve to be respected and be given acknowledgment too.
They are the unsung heroes we don’t usually notice as we busied ourselves in the restaurant table as we wait for our food orders.

The misfortune of a restaurant staff

A certain Facebook netizen shared her adversity to Chinese national who poured her a hot soup right on the face which resulted to an eye problem. But the problem does not primarily lie in her health condition but the way how Manila police gave good treatment on the alleged suspect due to such bad behavior.

The alleged throwing of hot soup

According to Marilaine Joanna Garcia Jarina, the event happened to her workplace in Remedios Circle Malate at 6:20 in the morning. The first part of the video shows the suspect and her companion who are being accommodated by the victim. After a while, the suspect who is identified as Aimi Wang, 24 years old throw tantrums and started to throw things placed on the table, including the hot seafood soup which unfortunately hits Marilaine’s face and affected her eye.

Police on duty freed the suspect

Marilaine went to the nearest police station and have the Chinese national arrested. As a requirement to support her demands against the woman, she came to the hospital at 8 in the morning for a medico-legal. Two hours have passed and nobody in the hospital assisted her and decided to go back to the police station only to find out that the suspect was freed by the police on duty.

Moreover, Aimi Wang was given a VIP treatment inside the cell and even helped by the Malate police to get away through the restroom at the back of the station.

Spoiled brat

What makes Marilaine regretful is the fact that our “kababayan” policemen let the suspect easily get away from her responsibilities. The police even shared that the young woman belongs to the social class and is a spoiled brat according to the father.

Eto po yung Chinese national na sinabuyan ng mainit na sabaw ang mga kababayan nating service crew, yung waitress ang napuruhan dahil nabanlian sa mata ng mainit na sabaw, sa Remedios Circle Malate po ito nangyari, pina blotter po nila ang itsik na'to pero pinatakas po sya ng mga pulis, Grabe! inapi na nga ng chinese ang kababayan natin sa sariling bansa pinatakas pa ng mga pulis ang intsik sa likuran ng banyo, porket mapera yung intsik ay may VIP treatment, ang pangalan po ng Chinese national ay Aimi Wang 24 years old taga Ongpin Binondo Manila G0K007 Suzuki brown na kotse ang ginamit sa pagtakas, paki Share na lang po para mabigyan ng hustisya ang ginawa ng Chinese national na'to sa kapwa natin Pinoy at dito pa sa Loob ng sariling bansa natin sya nagtatapang tapangan.. © Marilaine Joanna Garcia Jarina

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Source: Facebook