Dog Caught Stealing Food From Couple Along The Street, What Went Next Was Hilarious


A clear proof of how hard it is to live in the slums of the Philippines is the fact that even dogs have learned how to be “snatchers”. If people have resorted to criminal activities to feed their hungry stomachs, why can’t dogs do it, too?

Funny Video

In a post shared by Dezzy Logro Alvarado on Facebook, a barangay CCTV camera caught a crime taking place. A snatching incident took place in a secluded street, and it was caught by the camera. But instead of taking swift action, the one in charge of the CCTV decided to just laugh it off. For good reason.

The perpetrator of the snatching incident, or the suspect for that matter, isn’t a known criminal or a petty thief. In fact, it’s not even human. In this gripping snatching incident, the suspect happened to be a dog. A hungry one.

Photo screenshot: Dezzy Logro Alvarado/Facebook

Not To Be Taken Seriously

In this funny incident that is reminiscent of a scene from a comedy movie, a couple was seen walking along a street, holding what seemed to be a plastic bag of food. It was obviously food because the dog, which has extrasensory smell, can’t seem to resist following them.

Photo screenshot: Dezzy Logro Alvarado/Facebook

So the “criminal” dog followed them, or the tempting food for that matter. But when the temptation was too hard for the dog to resist, maybe due to hunger or for simply being a “snatcher” by profession, the dog snatched the plastic from the man holding it and ran away with its loot.

Photo screenshot: Dezzy Logro Alvarado/Facebook

A Dramatic Chase Ensued

The next scene was hilarious. The couple was surprised by the sudden attack of the “snatcher”. Not willing to sacrifice their dinner to be eaten by a “snatcher” dog, they gave chase. They chased the dog, who is determined to eat a good dinner, albeit taken illegally.

Photo screenshot: Dezzy Logro Alvarado/Facebook

Instead of the police coming to aid, a group of children came out from their houses and tried to stop the dog. A little girl seemed to be scolding the dog, who decided to hide under a parked car.

In the end, the couple decided to move on from their bad experience. They may have lost their dinner, but they learned a good lesson. Beware of who’s following you on the street, it may be the hungry “snatcher” dog waiting to pounce on your food.

Snatcher na aso 😂

Geplaatst door Dezzy Logro Alvarado op Vrijdag 1 februari 2019

Source: Facebook

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