Driver Apprehended By Makati Traffic Enforcers For Loading Passengers In the Designated Loading Area


A driver was apprehended by a group of Makati traffic enforcers while he is getting passengers on the designated loading area. The concerned passengers took a video of the incident in support of the driver who was just trying to earn.

Makati & It’s Enforcers

Ask any motorists and they will probably agree that Makati City is probably one of the hardest city to drive to. They have so many traffic ordinances and have the strictest traffic policies of all cities in Metro Manila. Their enforcers are also known to be unforgiving, citing motorists for the simplest and most innocent violation.

While this may help in teaching discipline to the motorists, it is also the cause of many traffic altercations between the traffic enforcers and the drivers. And most often than not, this causes a lot of hassle to the motorists, both financially and for the time they will spend going to the traffic bureau office to pay their fines, or to complain if ever the need arises.

Viral Video

A viral video has been circulating online posted by Death Penalty In The Philippines on Facebook, it shows a UV Express driver being apprehended by Makati City traffic enforcers for allegedly violating the rules on the loading/unloading zone.

The driver insisted that he loaded his passengers in the designated loading area, but he was ordered to stop his vehicle on the illegal zone, and the traffic enforcers told him he was illegally loading passengers in the wrong area.

Witnesses Support The Driver

The passengers of the UV Express also joined the discussion to support their driver. They said that he was actually on the designated loading area when they hopped in the vehicle. They claim that the enforcers were really waiting for the driver to load his passengers first before apprehending him instead of just signaling him to move.

Ganto sila sa makati…

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Here are some of the reactions from the netizens.

Source: Facebook