Duterte On His Common-Law Wife Honeylet: “ She’s My True Love”.


President Duterte was again in his usual playful mood during a speech in Davao, teasing his partner Honeylet Avancena to stop being jealous, and professed his love for her, telling the audience “She is my true love.”

Rockstar President

President Duterte has been known for his appreciation of beautiful women. He has jokingly admitted that he has several girlfriends outside of his marriage. In many of his speeches, he was often criticized for his jokes about women, in fact, the opposition often uses this “weakness” of the president to malign his character.

In a speech he gave during the inauguration of the new Gaisano Grand Citygate Mall in Davao City, the president was again in his element. He referred to his current common-law wife, Honeylet Avancena as his true love.

“Pero sya na may gyu’y akong True Love, Honeylet..” the president said.

Self Made Woman

The president said that Honeylet was a self-made woman who is simple, and made good use of her intelligence in succeeding in business. She was a valedictorian at school and started a business with a donut shop located at the back of the University of Mindanao.

She decided to go to the US and work there as a nurse to save money. After saving enough, she went back to Davao and bought another franchise of the donut shop. She also ventured into the meat business. Today, most of the meat supplied in the city of Davao came from her.

Advice For Beautiful Women

The president playfully advised beautiful women that they too can be successful. They can start with a small capital and work their way up.

He then teased his partner Honeylet, “ Don’t be jealous.. Were already old.”

“The beautiful women can come to me and they will see… ‘O let’s give this one a business because she seems to make Duterte happy.’ But I’m already old. It’s just big talk. 70 — 73 years. You can ask anyone who’s 73, wala na ‘yan. Wala if the wife is watching,” he said.

Watch the video of his speech here:

Source: GMA News