Duterte’s Love For His Country Makes Him Into The Different Kind Of Leader That He Is Now


We always hear people say how different President Duterte is. But shallow-minded people always associated the president’s difference to the way the president is rowdy and violent.

But Abe Purugganan took to Facebook to share why the president is different. And true enough, the reason he stated really makes sense.

Love for his country

For Purugganan, President Rodrigo Duterte stands out and is significantly different from the other past president because of his love for his country.

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“It doesn’t matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice”.

This has been Duterte’s ideology since he has been seated. His sole aim is to enhance the living standards, safety and economic condition of the ordinary people of his country.

Duterte, like most of the respected leaders in modern Asia, cannot be defined as a right or left wing – he is both and he is neither. In one sense, his policies which use state power to enhance the living standards, safety and economic condition of ordinary people might be thought of as traditionally socialist. 

Political problem solving

Because of his love for his country, Duterte chooses to solve the political problems instead of getting swayed in the dogmatic considerations that have been the norm in the country.

These considerations, in fact, are the reasons why we have political problems. These are what made our country into the rotten fruit that it is now.

And yes, he placed political problem solving over and above ideological or dogmatic considerations which in fact contributed largely to our national problems. Liberalism, for example, has made our country stagnate even backward. Liberalism has made our political system rotten. Like Marxism, liberalism has become obsolete and destructive.

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