NCRPO Chief Eleazar Confronts Chinese Lady Who Throws ”Taho” To a Uniformed Police in MRT


The viral Chinese lady who throws “taho” to the police in uniform in MRT Boni station on Saturday morning has reached NCRPO Chief Guillermo Eleazar’s attention and was brought up to him for a confrontation.

Eleazar scolded the woman for disrespecting a police officer and reiterates that such mandate on prohibiting any liquid form to railways is bound to protect the mass.

Photo screenshot: Philippine Star/Facebook

Face To Face Confrontation

He then presses to woman, asking the latter why the need to throw soya to the officer despite the security guard’s explanation of the protocol. She was also given an option to find other form of transportation if she opt to consume her drink while on a vehicle. The woman, on the other hand, repeatedly says her sorry to NCRPO chief.

Photo screenshot: Philippine Star/Facebook

Cases Filed Against The Arrogant Woman

The Chinese national identified as Jiale Zhang has undergone mugshots as reported by Philippine Star. She will be facing unjust vexation, direct assault, disobedience to agent of person in authority.

Photo credit: Mandaluyong PNP-PIO
Photo credit: Mandaluyong PNP-PIO

Raged Netizens

Netizens wish the arrogant lady to be deported and punished to whatever the law states for her case. She is now being bombarded with hateful claims from the netizens. They called her for many offensive names which they believe is suited to her bad manners.

Photo credit: Mandaluyong PNP-PIO

Some have called for blacklisting the woman in the country, never to return or set foot in our land. Insulting anyone or police officer should not be tolerated especially when it happens between a local and a foreigner.

It sounds unfair to many Filipinos who obey and respect the laws implemented in the Chinese land when their locals are insulting ours right in front of us. For such manner, they wish for a fair fight on this against the woman. It seems unacceptable for our nation to be insulted and discriminated, as claims by netizens.

WATCH: NCRPO chief Guillermo Eleazar confronts the Chinese national who threw a cup of 'taho' to a police officer at an MRT station on Saturday. | Video by Boy Santos / The Philippine STAR

Geplaatst door Philippine Star op Vrijdag 8 februari 2019

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