Erwin Tulfo Shares, President Duterte Pursues Zamboanga Visit Despite Death Threats


Erwin Tulfo, a known supporter of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte posted on his Facebook account that there was a plan to assassinate the Chief Executive in Zamboanga the other day.

Death Threats Confirmed As Per Bong Go

Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Bong Go admitted on a radio interview that the threat is in fact true. The President Security Group (PSG) informed the President regarding the death threat in Zamboanga. Despite the menace to his life, Duterte, unconcerned about the said threat eagerly said to actually come in Zamboanga.

SAP Go has been the President’s assistant for a long time even before Duterte assumed office at Malacanang. He shared that he and the Chief Executive are used to all the threats to their life. He then added “sanay na kami ng Pangulo sa mga banta na ganyan. Merienda namin yan”.

Bong Go, also known as “Kuya Bong” and religiously help people in need and even to those unfortunate to have lost from fire, shares the President’s belief in life, if it is your time to go, then so be it. Asked how much it would take him to protect Duterte, he quickly and wittingly answered that it would cost more than his life.

The Unstoppable President

According to Erwin Tulfo, nothing can stop the President from responding to his countrymen’s needs, even snipers and bomb threats.

In lieu of such strength and bravery portrayed by Duterte, it shows his sincerity and concern with the country itself. The post flooded with praises and hopeful wishes that may God bless more and guide the President in all ways. Moreover, netizens praise the growing friendship between Duterte and SAP Bong Go. And that may the supreme high protect them as they walk towards the path of politics. It just goes to show that people still have faith in the President and the government.

On the other hand, some netizens expressed a desire for any of the Tulfo brothers to run for politics. Posted just 2 hours ago, it now has more than a thousand shares and more than 5k reactions.

Source: Erwin Tulfo/Facebook