Girl Who Nearly Got Her Insides Stolen Was Found Out To Be The Same Girl On Another Viral Post


Just this afternoon, a post went viral where a girl with a blurred face was shown on a series of photos. The pitiful state of the girl who has a lot of scratches and wounds all over her body was explained by the caption.


According to a Facebook post by Lace Jc, a teenage girl went to their store to ask for help. The child was too traumatized from trauma and crying that she barely was able to tell her story.

Photo credit: Lace Jc/Facebook

From what they were able to get from her while they were waiting for the police, she is from Trece Martires and she does not remember all the details that happened to her. All she knows is that she was wearing pants and that a van kidnapped her. When she came to, she was with a lot of kids inside the van, but she was able to escape and ask for help from the store.

Photo screenshot: Lace Jc/Facebook
Photo screenshot: Lace Jc/Facebook


A few hours earlier, a post also went viral, and the people in the comments section were able to connect that the girl that was being looked for in this post was the same girl that was found with a lot of scratches and wounds on the first post.

In this post, there are several screenshots of conversations where the victim identified as Ica Perlado was asking for help from the one she was talking to.

Photo credit: Ica Pelrado/Facebook

According to her, she noticed that someone was tailing her but she was taken despite her efforts to fight back. She also said that she was punched so that she won’t fight back.

Photo credit: Chaed Brian/Facebook
Photo credit: Chaed Brian/Facebook

Further conversation

Along the conversation, she was able to say that she hid inside a dresser and that her phone is already low bat. But when she heard that the door or gate is opened because their captors went out again, she was able to run and ask for help.

Photo credit: Chaed Brian/Facebook
Photo credit: Chaed Brian/Facebook
Photo credit: Chaed Brian/Facebook

Source/s: Lace Jc, Chaed Brian

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