Husband In Hot Water After His Wife And Kids Exposed That He Is Maltreating Them


A security guard is now in danger of being imprisoned after his wife asked the help of Raffy Tulfo because he has been hurting her and her kids for the past 3 years.

Raffy Tulfo To The Rescue

For all those people who think that there is no one else that can help them, their last resort would be to go to Idol Raffy Tulfo and ask for assistance to their problems.

And most often than not, Raffy Tulfo gets the job done. The resolution may not be favorable all the time, but idol Raffy makes it a point to help everyone that asks for his assistance.

Battered Wife

Sharlyn Lidron went to the top-rated program Raffy Tulfo In Action to help find her husband and to let him answer for his unlawful acts. Sharlyn accused her husband of physically harming her on several occasions and regularly beating her children from another relationship.

Idol Raffy Tulfo was able to contact the husband, and in the spirit of fair play, he allowed him to air his side.

The husband said that he was afraid of living with her wife because she always threatens to harm herself whenever they have arguments.


The husband admitted to Raffy Tulfo that he hurt his wife on some occasions, and he also admitted hurting his stepchildren. Tulfo told the husband that he is in danger of being imprisoned for the violation against women and children.

Tulfo asked the husband to talk with his wife and ask for forgiveness, but the wife said she had enough. All she wants right now is for her husband to pay for all the things she had done to her and her children.

The husband is now in danger of being charged with RA 9262 which is the Violation Against Women and Children if his wife will not forgive him.

Idol Raffy Tulfo asked the husband to personally go to the program in the hope that Ms. Sharlyn Lidron will forgive him if he apologized and repent for all his wrongdoings. Let’s wait for the next chapter of this thrilling family drama.

Source: YouTube