Tulfo Paid For This Man’s Tricycle That Got Impounded. Watch How He Cried And Kissed His Trike In Happiness


Raffy Tulfo is known to be the one whom the public go to when they are being taken advantage of. When there are powerful people who are belittling other people, Tulfo always finds ways to help.

One happy story that Tulfo was able to help was this tricycle driver whose tricycle was impounded for 7 days already even when he was not at fault. It all happened when there was a multiple-vehicle accident that happened with a judge involved.

According to the tricycle driver, he was not the one who bumped into the judge’s car but the single motorcycle. But because he is a judge, then he listened to no reasons and got the tricycle impounded. The tricycle driver went to Tulfo and asked for help.

It turned out, his wife had a stroke, and the tricycle was his only way of living.

Tulfo tried to call the Major that was involved and listened to the judge and impounded the tricycle. But the Major said that it is better if Tulfo just went to the office himself.

Which he did. It turned out, the tricycle was not able to show his original OR/CR that is why his tricycle was impounded.

After some clarifications, it was computed that the amount that needed to be paid for him to get the tricycle was 3700, which he did not have.

Tulfo, without second thoughts said that he will pay for it. The man couldn’t contain his happiness when he was able to get his hands on his tricycle. He cried and kissed it.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

Source: Facebook