Man Who Sells Ice Cream To Boat Riders In The Middle Of The Sea Captures Netizens’ Heart


Doing business nowadays is hard. There are things that you have to consider like the climate, the people. Will your products survive the heat in our country? Will you be able to get customers with a lot of competition?

This genius man thought of beating these two obstacles in his business strategy.
A Facebook user, Abbey Ann Hernandez shared her family’s experience when they went on a vacation. When you go to Philippine beaches, in most of them, you can rent boats to go island hopping in the islands near your vicinity.

This is what Abbey’s family did when they went island hopping. When they were in the middle of the ocean, she saw a man whom he thought was just swimming.

When the man arrived near them, she was amazed that this man was actually selling ice cream. He was carrying a styrofoam box that held his ice cream.


Abbey and her family bought popsicles from the vendor and she took a photo of the man for proof.
This man wisely found a way to have less competition while preserving his products from heat.
Meanwhile, here are some comments from the netizens:
Source: Facebook