Two Young Soldiers Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice 14 Days Before Christmas To Save A Child


Just when we thought that all our soldiers will now be safe because the Marawi war has ended, now comes the battle against the NPA.

In the last few days we have been hearing sad news about how we lose soldiers in the fighting.

The lost of the soldiers in this article is sad and unfortunate. They did not die from fighting against the enemy but from an accident that could’ve been avoided.

Today, Facebook page Legal Army Wives posted about how two young soldiers who were 2016 CS graduates got killed 14 days before Christmas.

According to the report, one chilling and heartbreaking statement was when the soldiers’ last words before they passed away were “Mama.. Mama.. ”

They are identified as PVT MARSAGA (INF) PA and PVT RENCEL P. FRIGILLANA.


The soldiers were on their way back to their camp and were passing by 39IB sa Brgy Malatab, Antipas , North Cotabato  when a child suddenly crossed the road. 

It was when the driver tried to save the child that he veered off the road and got into the accident, resulting to the passing of the two young soldiers.

The 8 other companions in the crash are in good condition now, there were identified as Cpl Anta, Pfc Manuel Lumanod (driver ng KM450 truck), Pfc Silva, Pfc Amarillo, Pvt Gepitulan, Pvt Alao, Pvt Guimay and Pvt Lacunsay. 

The post also reiterated that it was not the driver’s fault, he only swerved away from the child that suddenly crossed the road. 

Instead of blaming the driver, we should just pray for the souls of these fallen heroes.

Source: Facebook