Homeless Man Who Patiently Waited For His Turn To Get Communion Was Rejected By A Lay Minister


We are all one in the eyes of God. This is what we have been taught since we were young. Anyone is free to reach out to the Lord, no matter how rich, and no matter how poor.

This is the reason why a netizen expressed his sad experience when he witnesses how a homeless man who was attending a church mass that he was attending too got rejected from getting a communion.

Gary Triste posted the story, and according to him, he went to attend a mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Tugatog Malabon, he witnessed how the homeless man patiently waited for his turn to get communion.

Unfortunately, when it as his turn to receive the “ostya” the lay minister allegedly neglected him. This made Triste and his family sad with what they encountered.

Determined not to put this away, he quickly told the ushers but all they told him was that they did not notice the homeless man asking for a communion.

Not putting this to rest, they then went to the priest after the mass and told him about what happened. But his response made then angrier.

He said that to ease their muff with what happened, he will give the homeless man two “ostyas” the next time he asked for another communion.

This angered Triste because it appeared to be a joke on the part of the priest. He told his friend:

They went to the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines to complain about this matter.

The wife of Triste even relayed how the homeless man was considerate to let the other churchgoers in line first, but when it is time for his turn, the lay minister just looked at him and stepped back like no one was there.

This angered the netizens that were able to read their whole story.

Source: Facebook