Mother Whose Child Was Taken Away From Her By The Husband’s Family, Got Her Child Back With Tulfo’s Help


For a mom, there is nothing more painful than being away from her child. What can be more painful than that is when the child is deliberately being taken away from the mother even if she wanted to take care of the child.

This is the story of Elizabeth Macapagal who is separated from her husband. They have a 4 year old daughter that is being taken care of by her husband’s family.

The husband’s family is from La Union and she is from Manila. She went to Tulfo to ask for help in getting her daughter back. Apparently, her husband’s family doesn’t want to let her see the child.

She once tried to rent a car to go to La Union and see her child and bring her to Baguio for a vacation, but the family did not even let her see her daughter.

That is what prompted her to complain to Tulfo. She wanted to have her child back, but her husband’s family wouldn’t let her.

Upon further probing, Tulfo called the mother-in-law and it appeared that the MIL wanted to be selfish. She was telling the mother that she can have her child when she grown up.

Tulfo saw right through her and knew right away that she wanted to fool the mother. When a child reaches seven years old, she can then choose whether to stay with her mother of her father.

If the child does not see her mother all through out her childhood, then how can you expect her to choose her mom when she gets to pick?

If it was a question about the capability, the mother said that she is capable of sending her daughter to school and to pay for her needs.

The mother also mentioned that she is sending money to her husband’s family for her child too.

Even after much probing, the mother in law wasn’t about to give up her grandchild. But it was Tulfo who said that the team will be there the next day to get the child.

The next day, after some talk, when it was time to get the child, the family of the husband still didn’t want to give her up.

Elizabeth and her former husband both struggled to get a hold of the child. While the child was crying, even with police officers standing guard, the family of the husband still didn’t want to let go.

They locked the team inside their property and they even ran outside of the house with the team, trying to grab the child back. But the mother wouldn’t let go.


In the end, they were all brought to the office to sign some papers.

By the end of the video, even when the child cried a lot during the encounter. It was shown that the mother and child was happy and bonding.

Watch the action-packed video here:

Source: Raffy Tulfo In Action