Part 2: Guy Broke It Off A Month Before Wedding, Girl Now Has Some Revelations Against The Guy


In what currently is a two-part segment of one story on Raffy Tulfo in Action, a couple whose wedding got called of because the groom backed out just a month before it, talked face to face. In the first part, the woman, Mary Rose Besmonte went to the studio and she was crying because she wanted her man to get back to her.

Part 2

On the second part of the segment, the man, Melvin Tamayo went to the studio to supposedly “clear” his name. According to him, he was being harassed after his ex-fiance went on air and cried her heart out just for him to get back to her.

Meanwhile, Besmonte is in a better mood and is actually smiling because according to her, her family talked to her and made her realize that Melvin is not worth crying for.

Mothers and In Laws

When they got to talk, problems came resurfacing. Tulfo was trying to understand why the man was getting angry when in fact, the truth is that he is the one with the advantage even when he did not reveal himself.

Mary Rose went on and added fuel to the fire, saying that he should be thankful that she loved him even if he did not finish his studies and that she even got depressed because of him.

After that, Melvin revealed that the real reason that Mary Rose got depressed was because of her mother. According to him, the two had a disagreement.

Another revelation

They went on and bickered back and forth, and in the end, another revelation was dropped by Mary Rose, saying that Melvin is still a mama’s boy. According to him, when they get into a fight, his mom always comes to the rescue and attempts to get in between them.

Watch the video below to know the real story and the conclusion: