Lacson Slams Trillanes: Authoring A Law Does Not Make You Solely Responsible For AFP’s Benefit


The amnesty revocation of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV through Presidential Decree No. 572 did not stop the tough senator to continuously engage in a word war against the President. The two are now throwing stones against each other with the military in the middle. According to Trillanes in one of his interviews, President Duterte is insecure about him being favored by the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

In the middle of the word war against Duterte and Trillanes, other senators are expressing their opinions from both parties. In the issue of Trillanes’ solely claiming the credits on the approved bills for the benefit of the military, Senator Panfilo Lacson denied such statement.

Authoring The Bills

Panfilo Lacson stated in an interview that authoring the bills do not give Trillanes IV the responsibility of passing bills for the military and the police. He then adds that providing for the AFP’s modernization is the duty and responsibility of the Senate itself.

Added to that, the veteran senator elaborated that passing of laws does not only rely on authoring but getting involved in its stages such as sponsoring measures and holding committee hearings.

Proofs of Trillanes Being The Responsible For The Military

Trillanes released a list of laws passed that he authored, including the RA 10349, Revised AFP Modernization Act. Lacson stated that Trillanes IV is not the only one who put the effort in regards with the passage of the law but his as well and Ralph Recto who is the Senate President Pro Tempore.

The Joint Resolution No. 1

To add, the Joint Resolution No. 1 which aims to raise the salary of military personnel effective by January 1 of this year is not as well due to the effort of Trillanes but with Gringo Honasan, Lacson as the co-author; Senator Cynthia Villar and Aquilino Pimentel as well.

Serving The Filipino People

Senator Lacson reminds the military and police to serve the Filipino people right, not just because of raised salary level, but it is their duties and responsibilities.

Source: PNA