Lea Salonga And Jed Madela Among Those Who Expressed Anger On The Wasted Donation For Yolanda Victims


Last October 3, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) destroyed 4 containers worth of donations that Belgium, Norway, and the United States sent to the Philippines to help the victims of Yolanda.

Deep rage and a curse

People, even celebrities expressed their disgust at the previous administration for letting this happen. World class artist Lea Salonga expressed her anger by posting a photo of a newspaper clipping of the relief goods’ fate on Facebook.

She captioned her photo by saying how deep her anger was at the people responsible for the waste of these relief goods.

“I guess my reserves of rage go deeper than I thought. Haaaaaaaaaaay nakuuuuuuuuu. Thanks, red tape. Thanks for nothing.”

A friend of hers commented that what happened is so wrong on SO many levels.

Salonga then replied how it felt like looking for cotton candy in a cloud, she can’t even find words to express her feelings.

“Trying to find words to express my feelings…. it’s like finding cotton candy in a cloud.

Fellow artist Jed Madela also expressed his disgust by replying to Salonga’s post. He expressed how embarrassing the situation was. To which Salonga replied “Karma needs a double espresso”

No exemptions

The goods that were destroyed were donated to the Philippines after the Yolanda typhoon but were not distributed to the victims because the countries were not able to file a request for tax exemption.

The goods were declared as abandoned in June 2017 when the Department of Finance did not receive the documents needed to release the shipment.

People’s rage

People are in rage because they are saying that since these were sent as donations, then the officials who were Aquino appointees could have at least exempted it from tax.

Some are also angry that the officials are still insisting that they did their best during that time, which the people do not believe.

Source: Facebook