LOOK: Wedding Turned Into A Nightmare After Careless Catering Services Served “Leftover” Food


When a couple gets married, they go through a series of preparation, budgeting, planning and all sorts of envisioning how their perfect day will be.

For most women, their wedding is their fairy tale and dream come true, that is why a lot of couples resort to hiring professional suppliers to help them on their big day.

But unfortunately, sometimes, these suppliers are the reason why some weddings are ruined. Just like the story of Jean Baladaria who dreamed of having a perfect wedding, but sadly, the catering services that they chose made it a nightmare.

The catering service in question is Tan-Barbosa Catering Services. According to Jean, they stroked a deal with Gemma Barbosa in December 1, 2017.

Included in their deal were the arrangement of the venue, sounds and lights, 7 varieties of food, wine toasting, and it also has a free projector. Jean paid a total of 31,500 for the package.

However, when the wedding day came on December 20,2017, Jean was shocked when she saw that the reception was not even set-up yet. The wedding visitors arrived at the venue much earlier than Gemma’s staff who were supposed to fix the venue.

Jean added that her visitors were even the ones who helped fixed the venue. And when the food finally arrived, Jean cannot even describe the pitiful state it is in, the food is not presentable and it seemed that the food even came from another party.

In Jean’s anger, she wants a full refund and for the catering services to be punished.

When interviewed, Gemma reasoned out that she had a double booking that day. Not quite an excuse don’t you think? If you can’t guarantee quality services then it wouldn’t make sense to book 2 events on one day.

Watch how Gemma’s reasons get more absurd with every question:


Source: YouTube