Makati RTC Judge That Let Trillanes Win Is An Aquino Appointee


In what the opposition now considers as a win, the government allies and netizens are smelling something fishy about the dismissal of the immediate warrant of arrest for Senator Antonio Trillanes.

Even the presidential son thinks so

In a Facebook post, former Davao Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte and presidential son said that he thought Trillanes was having a stroke of luck.

But when he found out that the Makati RTC Branch 148 Judge Andres Soriano was really appointed by former president Noynoy Aquino in 2012, then he said he already knows what is happening.

“Ahhhhhhhh kaya…..kala ko tonyo dinaanan ka ng suwerte kang kumag ka”

A look back

A look back at the history and credentials of Judge Soriano, it can be seen that he was appointed by former Noynoy Aquino as a Makati RTC judge last 2012.

The Oakwood Mutiny happened in 2011. Judge Soriano admitted that he did not handle the Oakwood Mutiny case. When he assumed office, he only handled the cases of former army first lieutenants Lawrence San Juan and Rex Bolo whom he convicted because they did not avail of the amnesty as Trillanes did.

“These things happened 2012, I assumed office in 2012. The only thing I handled was the decision pertaining to (San Juan and Bolo) because they are the only two who did not avail of the pardon or amnesty.”

Netizens are admittedly saying that they know why the warrant did not get served. Just a look at the credentials of the judge, allegedly gives any person an idea of what is really going on here.

How about you, what do you think? Do you agree with Pulong?

Source: Facebook