Mentally Ill Kid, Being Dragged, Beaten, And Pushed To A Dirty Creek, Captured In A Video


Mentally ill are indeed in dire need of help. Not from the family himself, but from the government and the people around him as well. It is very unjustifiable for people in the right state of mind to make fun of those mentally challenged ones.

An Abused Kid

Two videos are posted under the name of a Facebook netizen, Gabriel Tan which shows where a young lad is being beaten by several men. According to Tan, the young man is mentally ill and being abused by the men which can be seen in the video. Added to that, the rude people in the video are knowledgeable that the kid is not in the right state of mind, thus should be sent to barangay or mental hospital instead.

Posted by Gabriel Tan on 2018 m. Liepa 25 d., Trečiadienis

The Viral Video

The video shows how the kid is being beaten like an animal. Worst, he was pushed to a creek in pitch black wherein any living thing can’t seem to live in. The young lad just kept swimming in the dirty creek despite being called by some people in the area.

Posted by Gabriel Tan on 2018 m. Liepa 25 d., Trečiadienis

Gabriel Tan, in rage and in regret to have seen the scenario describes how bad the kid looks like, as if he has not eaten yet. Also, he adds that the older people are supposedly teaching the kid with manners and conduct rather abuse him.

The netizen warns that there is a law that will reprimand those abusive people.

Netizen’s Reaction

Netizens react furiously to the said two-part video and been tagging Raffy Tulfo In Action to create awareness and find justice for the kid. On the other hand, a netizen comment that the said victim of humiliation not mentally ill and in fact, a drug addict and a thief. However, whether the kid is mentally challenged or under the influence of drugs, he shall be put into government custody, in the Department of Social Welfare and Development at least.

Source: Gabriel Tan/Facebook