Mother Seeks Justice For 3-Year-Old Daughter Abused By Her Preschool Teacher


To see someone hurt your child, the child that you have been taking care of and protecting all her life is despicable.

This is the unfortunate thing that Claudia Kwan has to endure when her 3-year old daughter came home from school one day with a swollen ear.

School is quiet

When her daughter came home with a bruised ear, Claudia called her school immediately to ask whether there was an incident that might have caused it.

Photo Credit: Claudia Kwan/Facebook

But to her dismay and annoyance, the school said how her daughter got her bruise was a mystery.

Diagnosis and report

Claudia then brought her daughter to the PD and it came back with a result that it was a form of traumatic bruising.

Photo Credit: Claudia Kwan/Facebook

She filed a police report and the police asked her to recount the incident. When the little girl was calm enough to retell the story, she pinpointed her teacher.

Upon getting a 2nd opinion from another PD, it was reported that the bruise was from a “non-accidental injury”.

Photo Credit: Claudia Kwan/Facebook

Three weeks

After three weeks of following up, Claudia still had no clear answers as to how the daughter got the bruise.

Her daughter keeps on waking up in the middle of the night crying and screaming words such as,

“I’m scared, I’m sorry, please, stop, pain!”

Photo Credit: Claudia Kwan/Facebook

The poor family is going through so much stress as of the moment, with the husband recovering from a stroke, and all their financial savings down the drain.

This family doesn’t need any more stress. We pray that they find justice to what happened to their little girl.

And we pray that depression won’t take this mom and daughter.

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