Netizens Pour Korina And Mocha With Praises And Admiration For Pulling Off No Bias Interview


No one dreams that a time will come where Korina and Mocha will face each other for an interview. Uson is a critic of Mar Roxas and Korina is the wife of the latter. A conflict seems to be in the way but who would believe that the two were able to pull off a good interview showing professionalism.

Most Awaited Interview

Netizens watched the most-awaited interview of Korina Sanchez with Mocha Uson in its recent episode. Despite differences in political beliefs, views, and opinions on things, they face each other with a grateful smile and inviting feeling.

Tragedies In Life

Mocha shared her life that most netizens do not know. Her family life and the tragedies they have suffered from where her father got murdered due to political indifference and her mother who got breast cancer thereafter. A victim of bullying, Mocha gave a glimpse of her life way back teenage years.

Mocha’s Career

They also talk about Uson’s career before settling as one of the loyal supporters of President Duterte. Added to that, they tackled the vlogging experience of Mocha and her ASec position at PCOO and the criticisms thrown at the agency.

Successful Interview

It is a give and take interview whereas it progresses, the two gets along with each other as if there is no boundary between them. Netizens praised the two women and the Rated K team as well. Even RJ Nieto of Thinking Pinoy commends Korina Sanchez and even thinks of considering to give a little bit of sympathy to her due to the respect and professionalism showed in the interview.

Most netizens are surprised and have realized that Korina and Mocha are somehow good personalities. Like one says, respect begets respect. Though some think that this could be a strategy to uplift the political career of Mar Roxas, some netizens stay on the idea of professionalism of the two. Netizens started to like and admire Korina. Some even compared her to other newscasters who typically grill the guest for having a different opinion from them, mentioning Karen Davila and Winnie Monsod, calling them as dilawans as well.


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