OFW Mom Left Her Four Children For A Lesbian, Even Lied In Front Of Raffy Tulfo


They say that 50% of OFWs change when they spend a long abroad, while this may not be true for everybody, this proved true to a husband who went to Raffy Tulfo in Action along with his mother in law and children.

Plea to contact

Abelardo Galzote and his mother in law Elena Calixterio asked for help to contact Ronelia who was an OFW who chose to go home to a lesbian’s arms than to her husband and four children.

According to Galzote, Roselia was contacting them and there were no signs of problems, she was even sending money to them. However, when she went home to the Philippines, Galzote was shocked that she went home to the lesbian’s house and not theirs.

Part 2

In the second part of the story, Roselia went to the studio to clear her side. She was denying that anything is going on with her and the lesbian.

When the two parties were able to talk face to face, Roselia emphasized that she did not plan on going home and that her employer took her phone from her that’s why she did not contact her family.

However, she went home to the lesbian because according to her, the lesbian was the one who fetched her from the airport and gave her a job. She worked and said that she planned on going home to their children after she gets her first salary.

Not coming back

When asked if she wants to go home to her family, she said no. She said that she doesn’t want to get back with her husband anymore. Even when her daughter asked her to go home because she doesn’t want to have a broken family, Roselia was firm and still said no.

After Tulfo’s coaxing, Roselia said yes. But when everybody thought that it was a happy ending. Tulfo staff found out that when they went back to Ilocos, Roselia immediately left them.

The family was forced to look forward and continue without their mom.

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