OFWs Unite Against Their Arab Employers In A “Bayanihan” Confrontation


Bayanihan is alive in Filipinos no matter where you take them. As long as there are people to help or to fight for. Filipinos will be there for their fellowmen no matter what.

This is what OFWs in Riyadh Saudi Arabia who are working for Samama Company has proven lately.

One for all, all for one

In a video posted by Elvie Bornales, a group of OFW is seen having an argument with Arab citizens who seemed to be their bosses.

According to the post, the ladies are not being given their proper salary for two months already, aside from all the maltreatment that they have been experiencing.

Geplaatst door Elvie Bornales op Zondag 21 oktober 2018

Don’t mess with Filipinas

In one of the videos, a Filipina was seen shouting and screaming at the top of her lungs just trying to release her anger and her frustrations against the Arabs.

Geplaatst door Elvie Bornales op Zondag 21 oktober 2018

At one point, one Arab has had enough and acted as if he will slap the woman. Immediately, all the other woman came to the rescue. Every one of them charged towards the Arab who was in the act of hurting another Pinay.

The crowd couldn’t be stopped, what with the anger that they have been feeling. The Arab and his companions had no choice but to turn around and just leave the vicinity.

Netizens applaud

Comments from the netizens are all happy that Filipinas are all holding hands and not letting these Arabs abuse them. All are saying that what they did was right and that they should all be fighting for their rights.

Some of the comments are also sharing their experience with the same company and also as an OFW in Riyadh that experienced the same fate.

A select few said that they should have pushed the Arabs off the stairs while they were on the way down. And some reminded the Filipinas to take care of themselves.

Source: Facebook