Olongapo Hospital Prioritized Collecting Money Instead Of Giving Emergency Aid To Dyin9 Patient


Instead of providing emergency medical aid to a dyin9 patient, the James L. Gordon Hospital in Olongapo deemed it wiser to collect money from the relatives before giving the aid needed. This resulted in a lot of precious time wasted which could’ve saved the dyin9 patient.

R.A. 10932

In a clear violation of Republic Act 10932 or the Anti-Hospital Deposit Law, which prohibits hospitals from refusing to administer initial medical treatment during emergency or serious cases, the James L. Gordon decided to have a relative sign a promissory note before electing to help the emergency patient, which might have prevented the patient’s premature demise.

In a video shared by the brother of the dying patient, precious time was wasted while he begged with the hospital staff to allow his brother to be treated and use the needed medical equipment to save his brother’s life. Only when he finished writing the promissory note that the hospital staff allowed to administer medical aid to his brother, by then, it was too late.

Hospitals Are Supposed To Save Lives

It is really heartbreaking to see that there are hospitals who think that money is more important than the lives of patients. While the hospital staff is just acting under the orders of the hospital owners and executives, it is still hard to imagine following such a “stupid” rule when faced with a life and death choice.

The hospitals should rethink their mission, which is to help save lives, or at the least, to extend it. While it is understandable that they also need to earn to pay for the nurses and other doctors and other staff, they should put a paramount priority on saving the life of a patient over anything else.

Irate Netizens

Netizens couldn’t help but express their anger over the action of the hospital staff and the hospital in general. Some netizens urged the Duterte administration to put their finger on the matter and punish whoever is responsible for the actions of the hospital.

There are some who are clamoring for the closure of the said hospital, Many have said that the James Gordon Hospital has a bad reputation, with others complaining of rude doctors and nurses from the particular hospital.


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