Paula Defensor Knack Calls Rappler Stupid For Trying To Cover Up Omidyar Network’s Funding


Prominent lawyer Atty. Paula Defensor Knack slammed Rappler and called them a downright liar when they tried to cover up that the reason why they got money from a foreign company called Omidyar Network is that it was donated.

Knack also said that no one can be fooled by Rappler’s lies. Who in the right mind would think that Omidyar doesn’t have any power in manipulating Rappler’s decisions given that they supposedly “gave” $1.5 million?

Anti-dummy law

The fact that Omidyar gave Rappler that huge amount just means that they have violated the Anti-dummy law according to Knack.

“HOW STUPID ! CAUGHT LIABLE COVERING UP THE CRIME ! Isang crime pa lang yon ang ownership ha, marami pa.”

She also said that this is just one violation, how about the other laws that Rappler violated in their “press freedom reign?”

Read Knack’s full statement here:

VIRAL !! ……….Sinong IDIOT magbibigay ng $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS sa Pinoy reporters (raw) kung wala syang CONTROL ? Talagang this was made to circumvent the constitutional prohibition.

May kaso na, nasara na, tapos magdonate …. ULOL ! The fact that the foreign owners donated a huge amount of money after the SEC decision proves that they were IN FACT VIOLATING THE ANTI-DUMMY LAW.

HOW STUPID ! CAUGHT LIABLE COVERING UP THE CRIME ! Isang crime pa lang yon ang ownership ha, marami pa.

GAGOHIN NYO PA KAMI ? Mga PDR pa ginamit nyo ?! 

SEC Commissioner Tess Herbosa & Court of Appeals Justices please, lintekan mo nga sila ! Ayan si Herbosa U.S. graduate yan, Salutatorian sa College of Law at yung mga Court of Appeals justices matatakot yan kay PRRD kung magpapabribe…..mga expert yan ! DEFEND the CONSTITUTIONAL PROHIBITION !


Earlier this year the Security and Exchange Commision revoked Rappler’s registration in the offense that they are not really Filipino-owned. They are owned and funded by Omidyar network.

In an attempt to cover up, Rappler announced that the $1.5 million that was from Omidyar was a donation and not a funding.

Source: Facebook