PCOO USec. Badoy Calls Out Drama Queens And Elites As She Talks About What Happened To Rappler


Rappler really was successful in the last few days in making noise. The noise came about when SEC handed an order that is stating the Rappler’s registration has been revoked.

After this, Rappler, their staff, journalists, the people who are supporting them and even some of the Liberal Party became too noisy in screaming that the administration is attacking press freedom.

Several people already spoke their mind about how these noisy people are not understanding the real reason of the revocation but are in fact, just blabbing because their ego got hurt or something.

The newest to air her side is Presidential Communications Operations Office Undersecretary Lorraine T. Badoy.

She started her opinion post by stating how the elite got used to breaking the law that when the law is finally applied to them, they howl in protest.

The elites in Philippine society have been so used to breaking the laws of the land with impunity, that when the law is finally applied to them, they howl in protest. It truly is an outrage to them. You can practically hear them sputter with righteous indignation, “How dare you??!”

Then she proceeded in saying that these people think they are gods and that other people are just mortals, she then added insult by saying they are such drama queens.

They are wholly convinced that rules are for mere mortals—not gods and goddesses like them who reside in Mt. Olympus.
What’s worse is how we agree with them (why do you think they’ve gotten away with it for so long?)—even those who ought to know better. You know –the ones who’ve been hashtagging us to stand by Rappler’s side and who scream persecution and how press freedom has died in the Philippines.
Such drama queens.

According to Badoy, the Philippines is number 2 who has the freeest press in their country. So there really is no reason for these peopl to shout about the attack on press freedom. She even said that we owe it all to the democracy that we have.

Pew Research Center just came out with a survey that said what didn’t need to be said because it’s just so obvious—the Philippines has one of the freest free press in the ENTIRE WORLD. We clocked in at #2.
So sit down before you break your necks and you might want to go easy on the teleseryes.
Press freedom is alive and kicking in the Philippines. And what’s more, this is a robust democracy, a rock and roll democracy. If any, we’re too free—and to which I say, “Viva la democracia!”

She then proceeded in saying that these are becoming possible because the people around these drama queen elites are letting them. Because the past administration let them, and now, fortunately, we have an administration who cares about the law more than the elites.

This has become the rule in not just our country but the entire world: the rich get away with murder. And they do because we let them.
What do you think makes the Aquino/Cojuangco/whoever else-owns Hacienda Luisita pay farm workers they’ve trafficked the outrage of 38 pesos per week and when caught, not even feel like they owe us an explanation? Not a whiff of embarrassment or apology about them.
Then you see them in Manila Polo Club and they continue to have their noses high up in the air like they’re so honorable and so well-bred—not the scum of the earth that they truly are who steal from the poorest of the poor and condemn generations of Filipinos to live the nightmare of severe poverty. Shameless, utterly shameless.
And what do you think made Lucio Tan/Mighty Corp NOT pay BILLIONS in taxes that they owed the country that gave them their fabulous wealth?
This sense of entitlement that was aided and abetted by past administrations. And we let them. We expected nothing from our government and got exactly that: nothing.
And so I say BRAVO! to the laws of the land being FINALLY applied to those who thought they could make a mockery of it forever. Well, wala talagang forever.

Lastly, she closes his post by saying that Rodrigo Duterte is already here and we are going to rebuilt our country. One step at a time, because that is how it is supposed to be, we have to get rid of the old to make way for the new.

Andito na si Rodrigo Duterte who, by the force of his leadership and the strength of his vision inspires everyone in his administration—even the Aquino appointees in SEC who make up the overwhelming majority—to do what’s right.

The Constitution says an absolute NO to foreign control of our media. And yes it is true that there are many many laws that are violated as a matter of course but fact is THIS IS AN ADMINISTRATION THAT’S SERIOUS ABOUT FOLLOWING LAWS.
The message is clear: Break them and be ready to suffer the consequences.

Lucio Tan knows this.
The Prietos know this now.
Mighty Corp knows this.
Leila de Lima knows this.
Drug lords in government know this.

So really, the story isn’t the loss of press freedom but the TRIUMPH OF THE LAW.

FINALLY the long arm of the law has caught up with those who, time and again, thumbed their noses on our laws and who think laws only apply to the poor. Not to them, the rotten elite.

This is how a country is rebuilt. One step at a time.

We chip at the old to make way for the new.

In order for new worlds to be created, the old one must die.

We are becoming the country we’ve always wanted to be.

Mabuhay, my Philippines!

Source:  Facebook