Professor Slams Raissa Robles And Edwin Lacierda For Criticizing The President’s Diction


Everything that President Rodrigo Duterte does, good or bad, results in a tantamount of criticisms. Most of these critics are often attacking his moves and his drug war.

However, in the recently concluded tête-à-tête with Presidential legal adviser Salvador Panelo one critic made fun of the president’s accent. Another opposition rode on the insensitive joke, and a professor slammed them both.


Raissa Robles tweeted a sarcastic disrespect to how the president pronounces “struggle”.

In which former Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda gamely responded, making fun of the word “trouble”.


A lot of people were repulsed in how these two people acted like they were superior just because they can pronounce English words properly.

One of these is Assistant Professor Esmeraldo S. Bustillo Jr. of Western Mindanao State University. Prof. Bustillo pointed out that even people from first world countries often have difficulties in pronouncing some words.

So he doesn’t get the point of them making fun of the president as if they are superior.

Here is his comment:

“So, what do you mean Robles and Lacierda, that you are now superior than most of us because your impeccable knowledge of the English language? 

Okay, so how about the French and the Germans, the Italians and the Russians, or the Spaniards and Portuguese?

They are heavily accented too when they speak English, if they know English at all. Does it mean to say that you’ll also make fun of them? Are they now lower than the two of you simply because they cannot pronounce English words as perfectly as the two of you? 

You two are ill-mannered, and rude. But that is the common lot of you people out there. You are bigoted, you discriminate us from the provinces – especially us in Visayas and Mindanao – simply because we have a peculiar way of speaking the English language and that only you have all the right to be highly exalted. 

Lacierda, your color and your facial features are that of an ordinary Filipino, and so with you Robles, in fact the two of you are ugly compared to many Filipinos. But why are you making fun of the President, simply because he is now in Malacañang and not the Yellows like you?”

Apologies and Reasoning

Meanwhile, Lacierda apologized to those he offended while Robles maintain her pride and reasoned out.

Source: Pinoy Trend