Prosecutor Who Intentionally Ran Over An Old Man Now Identified


Last week, a video of an SUV running over a helpless old man was caught on CCTV that angered the netizens. The driver clearly did it intentionally.


The CCTV video on the post showed how the old was standing in the middle of the road and was not moving for several moments.

When the SUV came, the man tried to go to the side of the road, but appeared to be dancing while he did it. Before he was able to go to the safe side of the road, the SUV heartlessly went on his way running over the poor old man.

In an updated post, a Facebook user named Margie Reyes shared the original post but with two more photos.

These photos are the license of the alleged driver as well as a photo of him.

The Prosecutor

In the first post, photos of the backend plate number as well as the prosecutor plate in front were also posted.

The victim

Meanwhile, the victim who is identified as Raymundo A. Mira was awarded a “Parangal ng Paggunita” by the City of Pateros.

The victim was brought to his last resting place on September 12, and help poured in for the poor old man.

Netizen’s wrath

In the comment section, anger poured from the netizens who couldn’t believe anyone can be this heartless to intentionally run over a helpless old man like that.

The netizens also pointed out that some people already saw the old man lying on the ground but nobody stepped up to help and bring him to the hospital.

Geplaatst door Margie Reyes op Woensdag 12 september 2018

Source: Facebook