PRRD Fires Another Threat Against Loida Lewis That Can Prove The Opposition’s Plan To Oust Him


Another threat has been fired to Filipino-American businesswoman and also philanthropist Loida Nicolas Lewis by none other than our President Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte threatened to release the transcript of the phone call involving Lewis, as a proof that the opposition is just using the ICC (International Criminal Court) to oust him from the presidency.

“Bakit ko alam si Loida Reyes? Na-tap rin siya. Kaya sabi ko, ‘look, I have a copy of your conversation. It was not given to me by America but by somebody else, by some countries.’ Eh lalabas ito,” said Duterte.

This has already been denied by Lewis, but it seems that Duterte is sure and he is just waiting for the right timing to release it.

Weeks and running

The phone call in question was already mentioned by the president several weeks ago. Duterte never said which country gave it to him, but dropped some clues.

“Basta marami ka na kaibigan na sikat, kaibigan mo si Putin, China, said Duterte.”

He also wants Lewis to stand in the witness stand to prove him wrong.

“Kaya gusto ko siyang kausapin eh, if ever does its a valid case, I will ask her to take the witness stand, I will go there too. Lagay ko siya diyan, he added.”

The ICC has been repeatedly slammed by Duterte, he said that they are trying to stop his war on illegal drugs. Just this month Duterte declared that the Philippines is withdrawing from the treaty that established the ICC, the Roman Statute, just several days after it was announced that there will be an investigation against him.