PRRD Gains Praises Again As He Helps An OFW Who Hasn’t Been Home For 9 Years


Senator Alan Peter Cayetano on Facebook posted 2 videos of President Rodrigo Duterte personally talking to an OFW at Jollibee Hongkong.

The OFW, whose name was later on revealed to be Alma, initially worked as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia for 4 years before moving on to work in Hongkong for 5 years and running.

When asked by the president what date she wanted to be able to go home, the OFW cried tears of joy and relief, saying she got a schedule to go home on April 20th because she wanted to be able to attend the graduation ceremony of one of her children on April 25th. Another one of her kids already graduated last March 25, and she was unfortunately not able to attend.

Photo Credit: Presidential Photos

The president then said that he will be providing her with a ticket home and will also be helping her with the youngest of her 6 children who is currently sick.

Alma then recounted that she left that particular child in question 8 years ago when the child was only 1 year and 4 months old and that she has not seen that child since then. She added that the child, whose gender remains unrevealed, is living with the father in Dipolog City as of now.

Photo Credit: Presidential Photos

The second video Senator Cayetano posted on his Facebook page shows Duterte going on a video call with Alma’s Hongkong employer. The president apologized to the employer for causing Alma to be late for work. “Alma would like to invite you to the Philippines, and I’ll take care of you there. Please take care of my countrymen. I would be very very indebted to you,” PRRD added.

Alma is indeed one lucky Filipina for being able to speak face to face with President Digong and to personally receive his promise of assistance. She plans to be back in Hongkong May 5th since that is the agreement she made with her employer.

Watch the video below:

This is just another example of what an awesome president we Filipinos have!

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Source: Facebook