Robin Padilla Shoves White Man Who Allegedly Disrespected A Filipina In HongKong


A white male in Hongkong was shoved by Filipino actor and Duterte supporter Robin Padilla and it was caught in a live video.

The event

On February 25, 2018, Tapang and Malasakit Alliance conducted an activity to thank all the Filipinos in HongKong who helped in supporting President Rodrigo Duterte during the elections and well after he has won.

More than 6000 Filipinos attended the event and a number of celebrities and personalities from the Philippines also graced the said event.

Robin Padilla

Filipino actor Robin Padilla is known to be a very vocal supporter of PRRD. He is also an advocate of showing the importance of being a Filipino as well as respecting women.

On February 25, it was unclear whether it was before or after the event. Padilla was thanking the Filipinos in a live video. After thanking the people he proceeded in taking pictures with those who wanted to take a picture with him.

Photo Screenshot: Youtube

The first one went smoothly, he even held the phone to take their picture. But when the second lady came to take her picture with him, that’s when it started.


The second lady to take a picture with Padilla was already beside him, when a white man came from nowhere and tried to put his hands around Padilla’s other shoulder, all the while trying to shoo away the lady who was already beside Padilla.

Photo Screenshot: Youtube

Padilla didn’t take that lightly and shoved away the white man. Saying that he had no right to do that to his countrymen.

Photo Screenshot: Youtube

“Don’t do that my countrymen, ok? Don’t do that!”

Photo Screenshot: Youtube

The man was heard saying “ok ok sorry” in the background, no doubt shocked at what happened.


Don’t ever mistreat a Filipino in front of Robin Padilla if you still love your life. Better yet, don’t disrespect a Filipino, ever. Do you get that?