WATCH: Teen Assau!ts A Girl And Was Even Proud To Post The Video On Her Wall


Bul!ying and physical abuse have been a problem in our society, with some youth always being in the middle of mishaps. Though actions are being taken, it hurts to see other kids hurting their friends.


A video of a girl who ass4ulted another girl in the middle of a field went viral. The virality of the video was, in fact, her doing, she allegedly posted the video on her wall. Her account is now deactivated, and the video was deleted when it got viral and she got bashed.


In the video, she was seen walking away from the camera, but only to approach the girl and pull her hair. The girl wasn’t fighting her. She was asking the girl if she had a problem with her, but even when the girl said no, she still continued hurting her. Until she was already sitting on top of the girl.

A friend of theirs tried to stop her but she screamed at the guy and said to not touch or stop her.


Throughout the whole video, their friends who were all standing around them never did anything to stop them. Instead, they are shouting for the other girl to fight back.

Doing nothing is also a part of the problem. These kids need to learn how to respect other people.


In the comments section, people are saying that the girl is so complacent. She feels untouchable and that she can do anything and get away with it. This may also be the reason why she had the guts to post the video on her Facebook even if she knows that everybody will be able to see it.

Some are calling out to the parents of the victim, to not let this pass by without doing anything. The bu!ly needs to learn a lesson.

You can watch the video here.

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gusto sumikat, iba na tlga kabataan ngayon! wala manlang tumulong o umawat sa dami nila.sana makarating to sa magulang ng biktima or malaman niya ang ginawa sa anak niya.Jorain Khay Silva Montes name nung babae na nambugbog. Ito fb niya(Deactivated Na): po baka kasi hindi pa alam ng mga parents ng biktima ito©️ 📹 : ctto

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