Unfaithful Partner Says It’s God’s Will That She Got Pregnant With Another Man


To ask God for forgiveness is normal, but to say that our sins are part of God’s will? That’s a whole lot of bull. A lady who went to Raffy Tulfo to ask for his help in getting custody of her son said that it’s God’s will that she got pregnant by another man, and Raffy Tulfo knew she doesn’t deserve his help.

Custody Battle

A lady by the name of Gerlyn Juagpao went to the popular public service program of idol Raffy Tulfo to ask for his help in getting her 4-year-old son from her former live-in partner, Jose Malvin Borja. She claimed that Borja and his parents are preventing her to see her child.

As usual, idol Raffy is very eager to help Gerlyn and since the child is not over 7 years old, idol Raffy thought that this would be an easy case. According to the law, it is the mother who has the right to have custody of the child below 7 years old.


Of course, in the spirit of fair programming and to be neutral for both sides, Raffy Tulfo called the father of the child to get his side of the story. Jose Malvin Borja revealed that the reason why they separated was that Gerlyn was impregnated by another man.

When they were still together, they agreed that Gerlyn would be the one to work, and Jose would take care of their child. Little did he know that his partner was unfaithful to him. He said that he noticed something different about Gerlyn and tried to ask her the reason, but she never confessed her unfaithfulness.

God’s Will

When idol Raffy asked Gerlyn the reason for her unfaithfulness, she said that she got tired of their frequent quarrels and the fact that his parents meddled with their affairs. She also said that it was “God’s Will” that she fell in love and got impregnated by another man.


Idol Raffy was clearly disgusted by Gerlyn’s remarks. She was trying to justify her unfaithfulness and even used God’s name to defend herself. Raffy strongly disagreed with her explanation and clearly lost his motivation to help her.

In the end, Tulfo decided that he would just let the DSWD decide the fate of the child. Both parents will be assessed by a social worker, and based on their capacities, the DSWD will choose who between them will have the custody of their child.

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