WATCH: Abusive Baguio POSD Officials Manhandle Taho Vendor


While it is imperative that the personnel of Public Order and Safety Division do their jobs, they are also mandated by law to enforce their operations with maximum tolerance. In a video that has been circulating social media recently, a team of Baguio POSD personnel was caught @busing a taho vendor, who is simply trying to earn his keep.

@buse Of Power

It has often been the case here in our country. Give someone authority and there is a big possibility that they will @buse the authority given to them. Give Someone power and they often drown in it.

The office of the POSD Baguio has been warned in the past to be circumspect with their actions while on duty because they might cast a wrong impression on the public. The recent video of them manhandling a lowly taho vendor who is just working to earn a living further solidifies the fear that many of them have been @busing the authority vested upon them by their office.

Caught On Video

In a video posted by Baguio- Benguet Sumbungan on Facebook, a taho vendor was clearly violated and treated badly by a group of POSD personnel. The taho vendor was identified as Benedick Senio.

According to the post, the POSD people tried to accost Senio for selling his taho on the area despite the fact that he has a business permit to show for it. In Fairness to the POSD personnel, there might be some ordinances in Baguio that we do not know of, and the POSD personnel might have a good reason to apprehend him, but their treatment of the vendor is clearly wrong.

Just Earning His Keep

The poor taho vendor is just trying to earn his living, and while he may have committed some violations or may have answered arrogantly against the POSD people, he should not have been treated as such.

We all should respect each other since this is the only way we can earn other’s respect. Here are the videos of the incident:


Kawawa naman si manong na nagtitinda ng taho.

Geplaatst door Juan TV op Woensdag 6 februari 2019

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