Watch: An Infuriated Gay Slapped And Dragged A Pregnant Girl In The Middle Of The Road


Pregnant women, especially in the early stage of pregnancy have a high risk of having a miscarriage if they are not careful.

They are advised to be careful with their movements and not to participate in tiring activities like sports much less be in a fight.

One pregnant lady was caught on video being beaten by a gay. The video started with them just being in a heated confrontation, but the gay suddenly lashed out and slapped the girl, which prompted her to fight back.

But the gay is too strong for her that she ended up being dragged in the middle of the street.

The gay slapped and punched the girl, holding her by the hair and dragging her around.

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A friend was seen posing for the camera, she had the balls to pose but she didn’t even lift a finger to stop the gay from hurting the pregnant girl.

The one taking the video and several others who weren’t in the video can even be heard laughing. But they still didn’t stop the two who were fighting.

What is happening to our youth?

At last

At last a man who happened to pass by the road went down of his vehicle to push the gay away.

The gay was even reasoning that he already let go of the girl but the girl still fought that’s why he hurt her again.

What? What wrong with this gay? Even if he is gay, his body force is still stronger than that of the girl.

No matter what the girl did, nobody deserves to be dragged that way.

Watch the video here:

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