WATCH: President Duterte Spotted In A Mall In Makati


A Facebook post from a stall owner at Greenbelt, Ayala Makati went viral overnight after she vividly captured one of the most memorable incidents happening at their place– President Rodrigo Duterte’s visiting the place and crowd of people flocking around him, everyone else trying to get near him.

“Minding my own business here in Greenbelt, when this happened!” says the caption of netizen Angel Abella for her two video clips on her timeline.

The president went viral

As of this writing, fifteen hours after Abella uploaded the videos, one of the said videos already gained more than 300,000 views and was shared more than 4,000 times.

The first video was shot from a descending escalator and showing the President and his presidential security group (PSG) slowly being swarmed by still a small crowd.

The president was smiling and replying to the people calling out to him.

Meanwhile, the second video closely showed the president and his convoy trying to make their way through the heavy and excited crowd, who was already cheering for Tatay Digong and clamoring to take pictures of him.

Good enough, the PSG and the mall’s security staff worked hand-in-hand to protect the President from the mob, as shown in the said videos.

Seeing how the crowd flocked around him, President Duterte’s charm is still undeniable.

Netizens can’t help to react

Netizens were as excited as the actual crowd in the mall and expressed their reactions on the said post.

“Rock Star!” quips J. Aquino

“They were even chanting his name before this. Sayang wasn’t able to catch it,” Abella’s response to Aquino’s remarks.

“I want to hear the chanting!!! goosebumps” posts T. Shalenie.

“Sayang nga eh, that’s the time I got my phone pa. Kalakas pa talaga actually,” replied Abella to Shalenie’s comment.

“Kaya pala dami dami tao sa Greenbelt 4 kagabi sa LoUis Vitton.sabi ko na nga ba My President PRRD ang andun kasi di maubos ubos ang tao.,” P. Panti comments.

One netizen even narrated that her friend asked for a “selfie” with the president but while doing so, she accidentally dropped the paper bag she’s holding.

“May epic na nangyari dyan involving my friend. Nagpaselfie kay President then nahulog paper bag ng friend ko. Nabasag laman na vitamilk,” disclosed M. Navarra.

“Kakapost lang ng friend ko sa FB nya. Panic daw talaga PSG hahaha.. pero si President panay sabi na ok lang yan. Milk lang yan,” M. Mnavarra went on.

Posted by Angel Abella on 2018 m. gegužė 5 d.

What do you think about people’s reaction to the President’s presence? Do you agree that he still win the hearts of the masses?