WATCH: Young Girl Bullied By Group Of Teeners


Bullying is indeed a serious problem in our country nowadays. There are many videos circulating on social media showing how youngsters humiliate their fellow teens by bullying, and there are more which are not caught on camera. It’s a social problem that needs to be addressed immediately by the authorities.

Bullied By A Group Of Teens

One of the viral videos of bullying that has been circulating on social media recently is that of a young girl being bullied by a group of teens. Posted and shared by Mervin Noval on Facebook, the video shows a teenage girl being manhandled by another girl her age, but the bully is with a group of teens which includes teenage boys and girls.



On the video, the young girl feels helpless because she was surrounded by a group that obviously doesn’t like her. Even the boys among the group seem to be enjoying the incident since they did not even attempt to stop the bully from hurting and humiliating the girl.

Right Action

While the actions of the girl looked cowardice for some people, it is often the most rational and wisest thing to do to prevent herself from being hurt further. While she received some hair pulling and slapping during the incident, it could’ve been worse if she attempted to fight it out with the bully.

At least, the girl didn’t give up her dignity to the bully by begging the bully to stop. She said stop several times, but she did not lower her voice and begged the bully to stop, which is a sign of surrender on the teen’s part.

Netizens Outrage

In the end, the bully decided to just let the girl go, while the group laughs off as she hurriedly left the area. Netizens were outraged by the audacity of the bully to even upload the video on social media as if they were proud of the bullying they did.

What the teeners do not know was that they did not come out as “brave, fearless” teens on the video. On the contrary, the bullies looked like cowards who were just brave because of their numbers. And they should watch out for karma, because they will get their comeuppance sooner or later

Here is the full video:

Nareport na poh aq akala nila wala n aqng copy pero meron parin poh kaya sorry kayo!! Bully bully kayo tapos ikakahiya nyo mga gunggong!!!🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

Geplaatst door Mervin Noval op Zaterdag 9 februari 2019

Source: Facebook

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