Woman Brought By In-laws To Mental Hospital Instead of Sending Her To Airport


The issue of broken families will forever be a serious matter to touch. However, if love does not work for the couple, then it is the time to let go of everything. The responsibility to the kids is a different story to tell.

Financial Support

A woman came over to Raffy Tulfo’s program to seek help about her alleged husband who did not provide even a single peso for their child.

Their relationship ended bitterly way back 2013 and even reach to a point where the complainant, Queenie Rose Detic filed a case against her husband Engr.

Michael Detic. But the case went dismissed, and even claims that she was being tricked in the courtroom as the lawyers and the fiscal had a conversation on their own and orders her to leave the room while the case is ongoing.

Is The Woman Mentally Incapacitated?

The woman shared that Michael filed a counter case against her in the form of annulment due to mental problems.

Queenie, in so much hurt and pain was once brought to a mental hospital by her husband’s father who is a barangay captain in their area.

On the verge of giving up as Michael is having an affair with another woman, she told her in-laws that she will go home in their province with her child. As agreed, the father-in-law is supposedly sending her to the airport but brought her to a mental hospital instead.

Second Opinion

After being cleared in the hospital, she went to PGH and UST to have a second opinion if she really is mentally unstable. Queenie proved herself that she is mentally stable and was able to get her kid eventually.

The father-in-law claims that there are health officers who assist them to prove that Queenie has a mental problem which the woman denies. According to her, nobody assisted her and just injected her without any tests done.


Queenie aired all her personal sentiments and the way she was treated by her husband’s family. When Raffy insisted that they can actually file a case against those who wronged her.

Michael has been constantly throwing her issues evading about the issue on financial support.

Source: YouTube